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Kuroshitsuji Stories by iloveundertaker

Written by aloistrancytheking

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August 27, 2011
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Kuroshitsuji FF: Out With You

         As I heard the curtains open and felt the sun on my face, I turned over in my bed. I mumbled to myself a bit, not wanting to get up, even though I went to bed so early the night before. I could sense a tall shadow leaning over me, and a gravelly voice spoke,

         "Wake up my Deary."

         I opened my eyes slowly, to see the man who saved my life. "U- Undertaker?"

         He chuckled a bit and smiled sweetly at me. "It is time to wake up, I am going to take you out today."

         I felt full of energy and I sat up. "Really?!" I had a big smile painted across my face.

         "Heehee of course." He ran his fingers through my hair a bit, luckily my hair was not dirty or oily; actually it felt quite nice. "You better get ready, so we can go."

         "Hehee okay!" He looked different today, and his voice was a bit smoother than normal. He was not wearing his usual hat or over sized cloak. Instead, I could see his glasses, and his hair was perfectly straight and neat; his bangs were not flipped out, either. Instead, they were completely smooth and natural looking. He was wearing his normal long-sleeved shirt that he wore under his cloak, with those dangling beads from his neck. I looked down to see that he was was wearing tall boots with elegant buckles and straps up to his thighs. He looked amazing, and I developed this weird feeling in my chest as I admired him.

         At that moment, Grell walked into my room. "Hmm you seem clean, you just need to change." He smiled smoothly, his eyes narrowed.

         "Okay, so what do I wear?" I looked up at the two of them in curiosity.

         Aunty Grell smirked. "Well darling, since you are going out to town, and Mr. Undertaker looks soooo nice, you need to look nice, too!" Grell rushed Undertaker out of the room so he could fix me up.

         After he locked the door, he sat me down so he could touch up my hair a bit.


         Several minutes went by when Grell asked me,

         "Soo, do you think you are going to get a kiss from Mr. Undertaker tonight??"

         I was very confused. "A kiss?"

         I could see Grell's expression in the mirror, and he looked shocked. "Do you not know what a kiss is darling????"

         I felt embarrassed..""

         Aunty Grell just chuckled a little bit at me. "Oh well, never mind then."

         "Wait, no, what is it???" I was very curious to know.

         "I am sure you will find out tonight my child."

         Later, Grell had told me to get dressed as he waited downstairs with Undertaker for me. I came down the stairs wearing the long, snow white silk dress that Grell had picked out for me. It had no sleeves, not even straps, so I wore a sparkling white lace shawl over it. The shawl was as smooth as silk and the dangling ends reminded me of icicles. Over the stomach of the dress was a matching white corset that laced up beautifully in the back. I stood in front of the two, waiting for their reactions. Instead, they just stared at me.

         "Wh- what?" I felt kind of nervous, I could not understand what they were feeling.

         Suddenly Grell got hearts in his eyes and smiled like a kitty-cat. "Ohhh do you see what I have created?!! I have made a beautiful baby girl!!!!!" He ran over to me and hugged me tightly, nearly taking my breath away.

         "Ah- Grell!" I tried to breathe but I was having a bit of trouble hehee.

         The Undertaker simply smiled at the sight of us.


         Grell eventually released me, and he sent the Undertaker and me off to town.

         The Undertaker and I went to a lot of places that day; he introduced me to the people at Scotland Yard, and he showed me a lot of the regular places in town, such as the bakery and the flower shop. I have trouble with my sense of smell, so when I do smell something, I tend to really like it. That is depending if it is a good smell or not hehee.

          We had been out in town literally all day, figuring it was starting to get dark. He and I were walking along the street when we walked by a doll shop. I looked in the window to see a little, decorative box that was playing simple music. Also, it had two figurines on top of it, holding hands and spinning slowly in a circle. I stopped and tugged at Undertaker's sleeve.


          He looked at me looking at the box. He smiled. "Yes my dear?"

          I stared at the two porcelain dolls. "I do not get it, what are they doing?"

          He giggled at my ignorance. "They are dancing my dear."

          I looked up at him. "Dancing?"

          "Yes, dancing."

          "What is that?" I felt a little stupid..

          He smiled warmly at me. "Allow me to show you." He grabbed my hand gently, and had me set the other on his shoulder. He then gently rested his left hand on my waist, which sent a weird sensation through out my body. No one was around us, so we were pretty much alone. I felt my face grow warmer, I think it as because I was embarrassed of my ignorance, even though I did not feel embarrassed..

          "Now, I will go slow since this is your first time." He continued to smile at me, as a cute little smile appeared on my face. "First, you take one step forward as I step back." He then slowly stepped back, so I did just as he instructed.

          We kept taking little steps for a few minutes, and then he spoke smoothly to me, "Okay my dear, now try to step with me on this part." I was a little confused by what he meant, until he started to slowly dance us in a little circle, just like the dolls. I was a little startled, but I realized that I was having a lot of fun with him. I smiled cutely as he held me and spun me around. My dress was flowing, as well as his long, pure, sparkling hair. He held me closer to him, so I could rest my head against his chest. He felt warm, figuring it was freezing here in London. I closed my eyes and smiled, as we just took tiny steps from side to side. He smelled amazing, I could not even describe it to you.


          Later that night, the Undertaker and I came back to the Phantomhive manor. We sat outside on the steps in front of the door before going in. We talked for a while, but then I remembered something that Grell had said earlier that day.


          He looked towards me. "Yes my dear?"

          "What is, a kiss?" I was afraid to ask, thinking he might laugh at me.. However instead, he seemed shocked that I asked him such a question.

          "A- a kiss?"

          I nodded. "Yes, Grell was talking to me this morning and asked if I was going to get a kiss from you tonight, but I did not know what that was and he would not tell me."

          His cheeks turned a slight pink. "Y- you really want to know?" His voice was a lot smoother than normal.

          I nodded again. "Yes."

          He cleared his throat. "Okay, close your eyes."

          I did as he instructed and I kept my eyes shut calmly, although I was extremely nervous on the inside. He brushed away the hair from my face, and I felt him hold my face gently with his hand. I could feel the warmth of him, feeling him getting closer. His aroma invaded my senses and I felt a little shaky from it. His breath tickled my lips, until the front door opened.

          My Undertaker retreated away from me quickly, so I opened my eyes to see Sebastian standing in the doorway.

          I suggest you two come inside before you catch a cold. He was smirking as if he just did something cunning and sly. All he did was interrupt my kiss..whatever a kiss was.

          The Undertaker stood up, and then he helped me to my feet. The three of us all went inside and Sebastian closed the door. He then left to attend to whatever Ciel needed him for. Undertaker and I stood alone in the entry way.

          He looked towards one of the side rooms suspiciously, as if he heard something.

          "My dear, I will be right back. I must, attend to something."

          "Okay, are you okay??" I was kind of worried.

          He looked back at me and smiled. "Of course, I will be right back."

          I smiled in relief. "Okay."

          So Undertaker left to check out whatever happened. Soon after, Aunty Grell came running down the stairs and to me. "Evelyn!!" He seemed really excited. He locked one arm around my neck as he whispered in my ear, "Did you get a kiss from Mr. Undertaker??????" He shook his hips back and forth; he seemed anxious.

          "No, he was going to give me one but then Sebastian opened the door and interrupted us. I still do not even know what a kiss is.." I looked down.

          "Awwww! Don't worry my child! I am sure he will give you one tonight!!" He made me look up at him as he smiled confidently at me.

          I could not help but smile back; Aunty Grell always knew how to cheer me up. "Thank you Aunty Grell." I smiled and hugged him tightly.

          Cheesy tears developed in his eyes. "AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!" He grabbed me tightly and spun me around. "I have raised the most adorable child ever!!!!!!!!!"

          "Ah- Grell I cannot breathe!!"

          He then released me. "Heehee sorry!"

          Just then Undertaker came back in the room, but he seemed different. He acted as if he was nervous and in a rush. "Let's go upstairs." Before I could even react or say good bye to Grell, he grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs.

          Once we got to the very top, the Undertaker quickly opened my door, pulled me in, and shut and locked it. He pushed me up against the door, holding my wrists tightly with his hands. It kind of hurt, but I got a better look of him. His face was a bit more peachy than pale, his hair did not look as elegant, nor did he smell of his wonderful scent. Instead, he smelled like expensive fruity perfume.

          His eyes shown through his bangs and glimpsed into my soul, and at that point I realized his glasses were missing. He smirked wide and slyly with narrow violet eyes, as a smooth voice said,

          "Hello, my Dove."
I did not write this story as well as the other ones, I was kind of in a rush.

Oh no who is this strange man?! Where is Undertaker?! Will Evelyn get her kiss?!?!

Whoo knoowwss lol. ;]
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